Guinness Cork Jazz Festival Oct. 25-28, 2013

Garrison Fewell Quartet at the Triskel Art Center – Christ Church

Garrison Fewell – guitar
Matt Marvuglio – flute
Mia Olson – flute
Alex davis – bass
Stephen Keogh – drums

PS: The concert was magical, really beautiful. We played my composition Venus which has a free intro with space chords ala Sun Ra/Pharoah sanders, melody w no bar lines over an open, rolling time like Don Cherry’s Complete Communion, solos in 6/4 time like a Coltrane spiritual jazz groove w/ voicings in 4ths, and a coda arranged by John Tchicai in 5/4 time that comes in after the bass solo and grooves till the pubs close!

Ireland was really great, everyone was super friendly and the food was fantastic. The Isaacs hotel was superb with a nice restaurant for the musicians and a waterfall in the courtyard. And I don’t mean water falling from the sky which it did every day in Cork! There was also sunshine every day too!

The workshops were great too. I did one on Improvisation and explained my composition X-Ray Vision based on a numerical junction from the frequency vibration of an x-ray. mel asked if I had every tried using Pi and I said no, but I’ve used the Fibonacci series: the Golden Ratio so Matt and I did a free improv off the Fibonacci series. We used that in the concert Sunday evening.

Matt, Alex, Garrison, Stephen

Profile photo of Garrison

About Garrison

Garrison Fewell is a guitarist, composer, author, educator and poet. He is currently a Professor at Berklee College of Music since 1977 and tours the globe giving workshops, lectures and performances. Garrison is a practicing SGI Nichiren Buddhist, speaks Italian and French, and is a wine collector and writer.
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