Tuscany Jazz and Blues Guitar Workshop w/ Garrison Fewell

Tuscany Jazz and Blues Guitar Workshop: June 13-16, 2012

Certaldo, Italy. June 13-16, 2012

Course Options and Costs:
60 Euro: Listener/ Auditor / Visitor – observing workshops, opening concert, jazz aperitivo and jam sessions
130 Euro: Full Course Participant – includes everything!

Travel and hotel not included. Email to book your room at Il Castello hotel: info@albergoilcastello.it

Please see globalmusicfoundation for details about hotel and meal options

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In this workshop, you will learn how to improvise better solos and build phrases naturally by exploring the potential of triads and their melodic extensions. Garrison will teach you how to develop a more melodic way of thinking about harmony, and learn the improvisational tools that will help you create your own approach to soloing over chord changes. 

In this workshop you will also learn to create solo phrases in the styles of some of the world’s finest jazz and blues guitarists— Grant Green, Kenny Burrell, Wes Montgomery and Pat Martino.

  • Broaden your melodic palette using triads, melodic extensions, guide tones, and altered notes.
  • Expand your ability to hear and play blues phrases anywhere the fretboard, throughout the range of the guitar, over any chord progression!
  • Add articulation to your phrases by playing solo excerpts in the styles of the masters of jazz and blues guitar! Learn Wes’ “D Natural Blues,” Grant Green’s “Gooden’s Corner” and Pat Martino’s “Blues for Mickey O.”
  • Learn to hear and use guide tones to connect your melodic lines while playing over chord changes.
  • Learn the rhythmic skills essential to jazz and blues phrasing
  • Learn simple techniques for building chord voicings for comping

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About Garrison

Garrison Fewell is a guitarist, composer, author, educator and poet. He is currently a Professor at Berklee College of Music since 1977 and tours the globe giving workshops, lectures and performances. Garrison is a practicing SGI Nichiren Buddhist, speaks Italian and French, and is a wine collector and writer.
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