VDSO Trilogy Box Set limited edition


Still working on producing hand made copies of  the Variable Density Sound Orchestra “Evolving Strategies” with Garrison Fewell, John Tchicai, Roy Campbell Jr., Steve Swell, Dmitry Ishenko, Reggie Nicholson. A limited series of 50 are being made, 25 of which are already gone to kickstarter supporters. Email (or paypal) if you want a copy. $20 each, unique, signed literally; both signature and language of signs w/ variable individual characters.

The VDSO Trilogy box set (all three Variables) is available for $50 in very limited, single digit numbers for the time being…. Variable 1 + 2 feature Roy Campbell, Steve Swell, Achille Succi, Kelly Roberge, Eric Hofbauer, John Voigt, Dmitry Ishenko, Miki Matsuki






VDSO trilogy





EvolvingStrategies (spine view)






VDSO Trilogy Box Set (Variables 1-3)

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Garrison Fewell is a guitarist, composer, author, educator and poet. He is currently a Professor at Berklee College of Music since 1977 and tours the globe giving workshops, lectures and performances. Garrison is a practicing SGI Nichiren Buddhist, speaks Italian and French, and is a wine collector and writer.
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