3/2013: books I’m reading… absorbing

1) Music and Altered States – David Aldirdge. Music as a means of changing states of consciousness… Talks about spirituality vs. religion, world cultures, transcendence. Also a music therapist.




2) Conversations – William Parker. Just as it says, conversations between WIlliam and musicians you really want to hear from, several of whom are no longer with us. Thank you William, for Through Acceptance of the Mystery, Peace. Great energy between the lines. Very tender rapport w/ Frank Lowe in the hospital before he passed. Life at it’s most poignant pinnacle.



3) Amercia’s Favorite Poems, ed. by Robert Pinsky. I inherited this book from my father who loved poetry, read it aloud with a passion seldom heard. As a young child, he read me poems, Edgar Allen Poe – not the usual children’s books! My father put little lines next to many poems, ones he read many times. There is a line nest to a poem by Amiri Baraka. Those little lines my father drew, barely noticeable, unobtrusive, yet so revealing of his inner self, unspoken, contemplative, intelligence, radiating light from beyond the veil of the saha world.


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Garrison Fewell is a guitarist, composer, author, educator and poet. He is currently a Professor at Berklee College of Music since 1977 and tours the globe giving workshops, lectures and performances. Garrison is a practicing SGI Nichiren Buddhist, speaks Italian and French, and is a wine collector and writer.
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